Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just a short note to let all of you guys know how happy I am that we can all connect even though we're not all in the same place.
The fact that we can get "together" and discuss stuff that's on our mind and get people's feedback is awesome, especially because I can't talk to you guys in real life.

I'm just so stoked that everyone can be excited for bike rides and getting healthy and feeling good about life, and we can all do it TOGETHER (sort of). Your guys' support and opinions are greatly appreciated. Seriously.

Robyn and Becky-How's that cookbook coming along? YOU KNOW I WANT IN ON THAT SHIT!


b said...

awe lindsay you are too cute.
I love and miss you.

its alright, we havent worked on it in about a month now. we've been busy bees. tomorrow we are gonna work on it and hopefully get our frist issue out by the end of next week, im hoping. We will send you on immediately.

TAIL said...

i have been reading this every once and a while on my lonely nights in bedford
i still miss you! hopefully i;ll see you again before i leave for france land! yr short curls look BEAUTIFULLL

AngelaAlways said...

lindsay this is lovely, i was just thinking how much i love the internet lately. i've had a chance to have some good chats finally.


black ribbons said...

It definitely is a beautiful thing. I think we are also lucky, well at least myself, in that we have been able to witness it all, the beginning, the growth, the changes, it all! I remember the old chat rooms I used to go on and so many things.

I'm glad that you are getting a diet worked out, and that I could help a bit. I really need to go on that liver cleanse diet again, I'm all crook now that the school term is finished - I always catch things from my students.

Also, you must be having a blast living with TWO aussies, we're the best aren't we? haha. Cocky and modest :D

robinacraftmoney said...

it's coming! please see my recent post for more details!


Sarah said...

Lindsay, you are my favourite! I like that we can connect through the Information Super-Highway!

Lindsay said...



b said...

lindsay we left the zine in the rain.

ps i got mail from you, expect some