Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old Snail Mail Survey ANSWERED

Remember this, Robyn?

From a few years ago. How long ago, I can't be positive. I'm guessing six years ago. I detest my last answer, but you can't change the past.

I found it tonight while going through boxes and boxes of saved mail from over the years. I'm preparing for the Allan Street Reading Series where I'll be doing a mini show and tell of mail I've received. Should be fun, I'm really looking forward to it.

You should check this out:

Monday, September 27, 2010

A recent trip to the antique store finds....

A christmas miracle...Orphaned beers find a good home

A birthday party with a missing birthday boy....


Went out for a coworkers brithday on Saturday night...
The pre-drink at Jenners was hilarious filled with car talk and living room dance-outs with her roomates friends.

The bar seemed awkward at first. Not our scene, and I saw my coworker once. With his shirt off, which made me decide to approach him later with my mix cd gift.

I did not see him later or any time after that, but the rest of the night was filled with rhinestoned bras (my own), blood on the dancefloor and secret sneaks outside for top secret things with Natasha and Elviro from my local coffee shop.

Made my way home, after a party drop by, where these photos were taken. Along the way, I talked to Todd on the phone and whispered (aka spoke obnoxiously loud as I stumbled home in heels) sweet nothings about loving him forever.

I may or may not have had to sleep with an empty waste basket beside my bed.


Photo cred: Jenner

Friday, September 24, 2010

What I did last night:

Went on a date with Jenner.
I loved this movie, she hated it.
I thought it was pretty, and great to listen to.
Has anyone else seen it?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm not really the type to....

Keep up on fashion trends, even though I love the idea of fashion and everything it encompasses.

However, THIS week, I've been really into it. It all started when I waitched a video of Tavi Gevinson (aka Style Rookie- thestylerookie.com) giving a talk on SASSY MAGAZINE (!!!)

One thing led to another, led to another, and now here I am saving photo after photo of catwalk shows to my computer.
I thought I could share it. so let me show you what I like.



My friend and co-worker Chris summed it up pretty perfectly on my facebook wall, referring to the new collection: "Ok so got home and had to watch again for a second time, after ur excitement of course --- proportions amazing, textiles amazing, combinations amazing; fits and shapes oh my; oh my, oh my, oh my .....so good : rodarte u make me headache with inspiration lol"
To which I replied, "I KNOW, RIGHT!!!!"

Alice and Olivia!!!


I'm not going to pretend to understand it, but Alice and Olivia manage to pile on so many embellishments and glitz, yet all of the outfits are still SO wearable. The combo just doesn't compute for me, but I'm still into it. Kinda boho, kinda dorky. Some outfits were a bit too nostalgia, 70's for my liking, but you can't win 'em all, can ya.



WOAH WOAH WOAH. Totally over the top. Lace, beading, luxurious layer after layer. Lordy, lordy. The intensity of this collection was mindblowing. I want ALL of these outfits. Highwaisted lace harem drop crotch pants?!?! I couldn't come up with anything so perfect in my wildest dreams!! It's got this expensive gothy feel to it, and it reminds me of the way I want to feel right now.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flickr Pro?

Just got a Flickr Pro account....


So tell me, What's so great about it? Tricks? Tips?

Already dreaming about next summer


The days feel frigid to me, even though it's only September.
I can only imagine how stiff and crotchity I'll feel in four months time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Patiently awaiting....

My Letter Writers Alliance membership. COOOOOL.
Each membership comes with complimentary stationary with the beautiful logo, and access to a 'MEMBERS ONLY' area on the website. DOUBLE COOL.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I miss my notebook.

I'm missing everything that came along with Tactile Notebook & The Written Word.
Sandra (the instructor), the notebook (Still at school? Hopefully...), the sense of community (Weekly craft nights were a promise I made myself but never followed through), and of course, the ladies.

tn $ ww

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lost and Found!

Found a few little gems kicking around on my computer tonight and I thought I would throw them on here.

I know I have been severely neglecting my blog, and I have been thinking about it constantly for the past couple of weeks. Time to get this lil guy revived, what do you say. I think it will be a great resource to look back at all the things I have been creating at any given point in time, and I always love to receive feedback from strangers or non-strangers.

So here are two, from when I lived in Tofino, British Columbia, a couple years ago. It seems like just yesterday and I miss the west coast of Canada so much. I miss living in a really small town as well. It was something I had never experienced, and have never experienced since then.



Have a great evening guys!

Slightly Lost.

Here I am sitting in the cafe around the corner from my house.
I am having some nice chats about Phish with the barista, a device called EL DURIJO is trying to connect to my computer through bluetooth, and there is a man at the next table who is blatantly staring at me while I type this.

Seems pretty normal.

I really want to tell you about and show you all the things I have been working on lately. This past month has been extremely productive and fulfilling and inspiring for me, and I feel as though my own natural creatiity has fueled this. It is a great feeling, needless to say.

First off, I got my first credit card. That is correct. Maybe for you, dear reader, a credit card is common place. Maybe you even have a couple. With really big limits. But not for me. This is a new horizon, albeit not a very broad horizon, as I was placed with a rediculously low limit. A 25 year old with no credit history whatsoever must have been a warning sign for the credit company. Do not fret though, a high credit limit was the last thing I needed. My card has served its one main purpose, which was to start an etsy account!!!


Now mind you, this business endeavor is in its most infantile stages, but already I have excitement and pride coming out my butt.

Take a peek, will you!!


I am quite excited and I would love to hear what you think-any suggestions or comments are much appreciated. Ièll be adding more things soon, more craft packs and mini artists notebooks that can fit into your pocket-just like these ones:



I have also been making mail, as always, and I have really been topping myself, if I do say so myself. My latest creations feature an almost interactive feeling, with flaps and notes and folds and pockets. Mix cds and souveniers are featured in office supply folders. Pictures to come soon.

But for now, I must be off into the crisp early Autumn air, and to hopefully lose this creepy man, WHO IS STILL STARING AT ME.
Go check out my etsy and tell me what you think!!