Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Special Little Note From Chloe

I visited my girl Chloe in her beautiful big home in Riverport, about an hour and half outside of the city a few weekends ago. It was the perfect cure to a hangover and we lazed and lazed all Sunday. We played with her sweetest Newfoundland puppy named Penguin who was a ball of joy.


This sunsoak-iness will help you feel better after anything you`ve previously put your bod through.

But things can`t always be sunshine and roses though, and I definitely left my debit card in the country. Sure, you say, `No big deal, just go to the bank and get a new one.` That is easier said than done when you have the shame of already having to get a new debit card TWICE in the past week hanging over your head. So I stuck it out and waited for it in the mail, which was a delight when it finally came because it was in a sweet little envelope with a sweet little note.


Trying to get my life in order before I get back on the making-mail-train, so you can expect a lot of these Received Mail posts in the near future. Hope y`all don`t mind!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Received Mail!

I post this as I am in the middle of doing some MAJOR reorganization in my room. I've got most of my received mail archives in three tupperware bins right now. I've pulled a select few to share today.

I almost toyed with the idea of digitalizing the whole collection, but that might be ludicrous.....


From Kiera Pannell!


From Laura Podob!


From Darlene Griffin!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do You Like Music?

So do I.

Maybe you like music how I like music?

Dark and heavy and kind of creepy and weird, like a synchronized dance routine in an underground and edgy sewer?

Maybe you'll like my music blog:

Tell me what you think!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More, More and More Received Mail!


From Madge in Spokane. I love her evolving style and I'm into just about everything she makes. You can see some more things on her beauty of a blog: http://canimailthis.wordpress.com/


From Miss Lavender. I suspect this woman is a school teacher because her handwriting is impeccable.


The always impressive Dewi.