Monday, June 2, 2008

Allow me to introduce myself.....

Here I am at work, at Boutique Upstairs. A place that allows me to check me email ten times a day, allows me to impressively stock up my photobucket account, as well as participating in  lengthy skatepark gazing sessions.

Tofino amazes me more and more everyday.  The small town is much more underdeveloped than I thought it would be. I also expected the town to be RIGHT on the beach. Not so. The town is right on the water, but it takes a nice 5 minute bike ride to get to the closest of MANY beaches. Despite the size of Tofino, the place is crawling with young people and  people who would like to be young. There are many dreamcatchers, dreadlocks, spraypainted vans, cars turned into makeshift houses, girls with dogs, girls with hula hoops and Australian people here. 
Also, severe lack of housing for seasonal Tofitians. 

Tonight, after work, Todd and I move into "The Blue House". The Blue House is Todd's work's staff accomodations. The house is in the middle of town, a hop skip and a jump from the boutique I work at and it's so close to the water that the waves in the bay will lap you to sleep at night if you ask nicely. In the past, the house has been off limits to girls not working at the surf school, but this year, the three full time gentleman workers all have girlfriends who have nowhere to live. This year, they are making an exception to the rule. Lucky for me. Without this exception, I'd be packing my bags for home as a result of being homeless.

I decided before coming out here for the summer, that this would be my time to start things differently.
Step #1-Quit smoking. So far, successful. It's been about a month now. I'm fairly confident in saying that I will be able to continue this newfound trend. I'm crossing my fingers.
The following steps, I believe should be:
-Stop eating Chocolate Silk Truffle Bars from the place across the street.
-Pick up yoga or jogging on the beach which come on, really does sound kind of magical. Either of these will require a pair of reasonably effective (re: not fashionable) sneakers. For this reason, excersizing will have to wait because there is no store in this town that sells sneakers.
-Create more artwork. Because I have been allowed long periods of time with the internet, I have realized that this place is good for more than just a few things. The internet is an endless source of inspiration. Continuing on past explorations, I'd like to do a lot more with handwritten fonts. The following is a collection OF REALLY AWESOME PICTURES FROM THE INTERNET!!!!


I have so many more where that came from. It would blow your mind.

It blows my mind how much I miss home. But I think being out here will help me grow up. It will help me be a better me. Right?


AngelaAlways said...

hey lindsay
this was good to read
i look forward to the upcoming posts
now i can lurk yours AND robyn's blogs.

those ARE some great fonts as well x

b said...

things sound great lindsay!
i am happy for you and your journey and glad you found a place to live!
keep it real out there girl.
miss you

Gesh said...


robinacraftmoney said...

many points:

1. congrats on not smoking. i am super proud of you.

2. i want that bedspread, where did these images come from.

3. i like the sounds of all the locals/travellers/hippies whatever. please draw some cartoons of them to send me in the mail. please please.

4. while you've been gone, my heart has in fact, come undone.

Lindsay said...

Hey Angela why don't you start writing in a blog?!

Lindsay said...


1. Thanks.
2. I don't really remember where that image came from....sorry.
3. I will start drawing tonight
4. Me too :(

Anonymous said...

you have no idea how proud i am that you have:
a) quit smoking
b) moved across the country
YOUR A CHAMP! and i miss you tons.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, very cool indeed. You certainly have missed your calling, if biking doesn't work out for you, writing sure does. Interesting read, glad you are enjoying .. please stay safe and keep writing.

Anonymous said...

sorry I had to post anonymous, couldn't figure out how to do the google name thing .. you know it's me right? Mrs. Kerplunk !!

Lindsay said...

Haha, Yes, I know who it is!!