Friday, July 22, 2011



Sappyfest in lil Sackville, New Brunswick is a shining beacon amongst overpopulated and overwhelming summer music festivals. It takes place in a two block radius in the middle of a small town. The vibes that you will feel during the three days of music and sunshine and crafts and camping and great music will be only perfectly pleasant to the the 11th degree.

Do you smell what I'm steppin' in?

I am overjoyed with this years line-up and I thought I'd share a couple videos of my favourite artists that are playing!!! EXCITEMENT! These videos are ALL good. Watch them ALL.

Sunday, July 10, 2011



It's called City Mail.


Several handmade mailboxes speckle the city in places like the downtown library and your favourite coffee shop or the art gallery on the corner. You drop your mail in, and it gets delivered to anywhere in the city.

This exists.

A newsletter is distributed monthly with the mail to let you know what's going on and what's coming up. Maybe the newsletter includes a musical questionnaire, and once you fill it out and send it back, maybe you get a personalized mix tape to suit your tastes. That happenned one time.

You can send mail-a-grams to your friends all over the city and choose to send things like poetry, handmade soaps and delicious treats.


Don't you wish every city had this? I do.

(Photos were taken at Nocturne last year. One night a year, art is EVERYWHERE in the city. Weird parades in the streets, fire circuses in churches, films playing on the sides of buildings, and even post offices in closed down photo stores)