Saturday, June 14, 2008

How did YOU Celebrate Friday the 13th?

I would like to know this.

I celebrated by sleeping in, waking up, and then having a nap.
Later, the three couples of The Blue House (Todd and I, Kita and Chantelle, Jon and Erica) Went on a hike through the rainforest boardwalk (up stairs, downstairs, twists, turns, hanging bridges, EXCITEMENT) to Schooner's Cove. The cove is filled with amazing pockets of beachy bays where the sunlight floods the place in weird patchy ways and lots of driftwood. Everytime you turn a corner you're bowled over with breathtaking views you couldn't imagine in your dreams.
We immediately set up a little campfire complete with beach blankets and veggie dogs and 1 kilogram of marshmallows. We of course, already had picked out perfect roasting sticks on the half hour rainforest walk. Popular topics of conversation included what other types of objects or animals our roasted veggie dogs looked like, and who would die first if we were in a campy horror movie at that very moment. Right around high tide time (10:30) we hightailed it back to the parking lot, trying our darndest to keep on eye out for black bears in the pitch black night.
We finished up the night with a good ol' fashioned round of Ouiji board (homemade, seance-style). Lights off, candles, gathered in a circle. Nothing much came of it, but it was quite the bonding experience, holding hand in a circle, meditating with each other.

And that's how I spent my Friday the 13th.


Anonymous said...

sarah dennis came to visit, we drank lots of wine, got really sloppy drunk and broke bottles in the streets. yaaay!

Lindsay said...


robinacraftmoney said...

i wish you were here

Lindsay said...

I sometimes wish I were there too.

Sarah said...

lindsay you're great! i want to hang out on a candle-lit beach with a ouiji board with you! hopefully in august!

b said...

awee. thats so cute.
it sounds super fun girl. im glad you having a great time!