Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Outgoing Mail...

Holy cow, I know...

Something for Martina!

I sent this such a long time ago, and wish I'd documented the contents now!

For Cassie: a zine about "Lost", the television show. We're both big fans.
I bought it from Zombie Romance on Etsy!

A questionaire for Rosie, so I can figure out her favourite kinds of music and make her a mix cd. A diabolical plan.

A package for BFF Ben. See below for visual reference: Calgary post!
Visit his flickr, he makes REALLY cool drawings. And sends the most amazing mail.

A letter for Edward from the Letter Writer's Alliance. Edward's really my only true pen pal, as I don't often send just letters to people in the mail.

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Alexis said...

they're all soooo beautiful. love the fox stamp!