Monday, January 10, 2011


Organized by Andy of myREALwall

Mailart365 ( ) is a project which encourages people to send one piece of mail art out into the world, everyday for a year. Tricky, but totally do-able.

Check out the website, because there's some really great mini works of art on there.

I started on Christmas morning, I just couldn't make myself wait until January 1st.
Here's what I've scanned in so far!

Oh, can you tell how stoked I am on my new circle cutter??

ma365 jan1

ma365 dec31

ma365 dec30
I really love the quote on this one

ma365 dec29

ma365 dec28

ma365 dec27

ma365 dec26

ma365 dec25

More to come!


mischief said...

These are a fabulous set of pieces Lindsay! I love a bit of consistency and can't wait to see what you make as the year goes on.

Thanks for joining up - I think you're absolutely right when you say it's challenging but totally doable. Mailart is flexible and forgiving but as challenging as you want it to be.

can't wait to receive your piece and will put you on my ever-expanding contact list!

mad madge said...

I love the circles. So you have a circle cutter?
mad madge

Lindsay said...

Andy-I can't say enough how pleased I am to be apart of this!

Madge-Yes! New circle cutter, and I'm definitely over using it. I love gadgets. P.S. Thanks for the link on your blog, I've been enjoying reading through your posts!

mudhead said...

these just feel sooo good,
nice work

Lindsay said...

Thanks Mudhead!