Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve Mail Send Off!

Sent off a big ol' bag of mail on Christmas Eve, which I've been receiving word that some of it has already arrived at their destinations! Woop.

Here's just some of what I sent:

Christmas Cards!
Christmas cards! Better late than never, right?

Off to Malta!
Off to Andre in Malta, it's a long way to go, so hopefully it gets there safely....I made the envelope using a beautifully illustrated map of Shakespeare's Great Britain.

Many Packages...
A few packages to a few people. My favourite envelope was Cassie's, which reads: "Today I had a great breakfast....ON THE MOON!" And on the back it reads: "The blonde one was called Freedom"
The top one is for Alison who is the creator of City Mail, a locally run FREE mail delivery system in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I live. Great idea, greta ambition. I'm totally in love with the idea.

Mail for friends!
Giorgia gets runner-up for my personal favourite envelope. Her address is smack dab in the middle of on open palm of a hand. Kelly's package features a bichon frise and Sarah in Montreal is getting a foamcore postcard, which was originally a photo decorating a fitting room of my old work, American Apparel.

Two Envelopes
A package for a Letter Writer's Alliance buddy I met on flickr, and one for an etsy customer!

Packages for IUOMA Members
And finally, three zines being sent off to International Union of Mail Artists members!

It's been busy, but believe it or not, I have even more to post.....soon...soon....

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