Friday, September 24, 2010

What I did last night:

Went on a date with Jenner.
I loved this movie, she hated it.
I thought it was pretty, and great to listen to.
Has anyone else seen it?


black ribbons said...

Hey Lindsay,

Not sure if you will check back on my blog for my comment reply, so will just post it here :)

"I have been very lazy with this blog and haven't found the inspiration or time to keep it (or LJ) updated. I now have a tumblr: so if you have one you can follow me there, though I'm not putting up all that much original stuff. I still have my flickr and keep that updated with all my photos. My email is still the same.

I would say I'll start updating this again as I have wanted to, but there's no solid guarantee."

I also realised that it's been a long time since I've had film developed! I will have to rectify that and then I might actually update my blog ;)

Lindsay said...

Please do!!! But of course, I will keep up with the photo updates on flickr.

I feel like flickr and a blog are more than enough internet stimulation for me, so Ièd say that a tumblr account is NOT in the cards for me!! haha

Good to hear from you!!