Monday, September 27, 2010

A birthday party with a missing birthday boy....


Went out for a coworkers brithday on Saturday night...
The pre-drink at Jenners was hilarious filled with car talk and living room dance-outs with her roomates friends.

The bar seemed awkward at first. Not our scene, and I saw my coworker once. With his shirt off, which made me decide to approach him later with my mix cd gift.

I did not see him later or any time after that, but the rest of the night was filled with rhinestoned bras (my own), blood on the dancefloor and secret sneaks outside for top secret things with Natasha and Elviro from my local coffee shop.

Made my way home, after a party drop by, where these photos were taken. Along the way, I talked to Todd on the phone and whispered (aka spoke obnoxiously loud as I stumbled home in heels) sweet nothings about loving him forever.

I may or may not have had to sleep with an empty waste basket beside my bed.


Photo cred: Jenner