Monday, August 25, 2008

Well Well Well
Here I am at my last day of work.
I was supposed to wake up early and lug my bike down to the Post Office to send it off, but you know, I didn't. I'll do it tomorrow. I'll do everything tomorrow.

-Bike box and other box to the post office
-Pay Taylor for letting us borrow his car
-Make many many batches of cupcakes
-Pick up thank you cards
-Go surfing one last time
-Return rented movies
-Pack up the car so we can leave EARLY Wednesday morning

And then it's off to Victoria for a night. And then it's off to the airport for an overnight flight to Halifax.
I apologize for typing things out that will probably bore you, but I think this post is more for me getting things straightened out, rather than your reading pleasure.

Things that are of priority on my first day home:
-Seeing my beautiful mother (and father) and little doggies
-Eating lunch at Presto Pastaworks
-Getting insurance and registration sorted out for the little Kia Rio-IT'S ALL MINE NOW!
-Seeing Robyn, Zane, Alexis, Jenner, ANGIE, and really anyone else who I may bump into while I'm on my merry way.

And then secondly, the other, not as important things I am excited to do:
-Craft, mostly, sewing. I missed my machine and fabric collection.
-Bake and cook, for all my friends (baked french toast for Cassie) So please, let's make a food date. I think I am pretty good at cooking now.
-Paint my room-colour suggestions?
-Move Todd and Andre's SHIZZZ from my room to their new home-any helpers?

Looking forward to everything, I just hope I don't feel too overwhelmed....!!!

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alexis said...

i will help move the boys stuff out of your room, and also i'd love to help paint your room!

i cant believe you're going to be here so soon. you may not even get to read this.