Monday, August 11, 2008

I've been working for 9 days now......I only have two more days left to work and then I have two days off.
Then I work for five days and then I have two days off again and then I work for two days and then I go to Victoria for a couple days and then I fly to Halifax. Everything's moving so quickly....

I still have to ship a box of stuff home ("stuff" I've accumulated while here).
I have to go to Ukee to get a box for my bike to be sent home in, as well as buy these really cool animal masks they have there. I keep thinking about them. I can't NOT buy them.
I have to send out a bunch of Tofino postcards. I don't really have a use for them in Halifax (ANY TAKERS???)
For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to try to use up a lot of the food in our cupboards. I don't want anything to go to waste.

But I can't think about all the stressful nonsense right now.
What I CAN think about is how AWESOME my weekend will be. After working this long, it will be a great relief to be off to Sproat Lake and Stamp River, near Port Alberni, where we will partake in some all day drinkin' and tubin' down the river. Luckys and RAPIDS galore. We're still in the planning stages regarding hostel VS. camping. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.


alexis said...


Lindsay said...

Lucky beers! Do you know those? Do we have them in NS?

alexis said...

no but we sure did in alberta!

Lindsay said...

They're SO cheap!

Sarah said...

i'll take a postcard!
send it to
4169 boul. st laurent
apt 1
montreal, qc
h2w 1y7

Lindsay said...

Sarah-I'll mail it off tomorrow, and in case you don't get my message on facebook, I just sent you another postcard to 6625 St. Laurent! BUMMER!

alexis said...

im getting really really excited and anxious for your return.

if you ever feel like rewatching all the seasons of lost from the beginning, please let me know because id love your company.

also, when you get back, can we have breakfast at cora's? ive havent been there since moving home because ive been waiting for you to join me.

oh and i created this fantastic hot bean dip that was inspired(copied?) by a refried bean delight that you used to make. we can have a bean dip cook off.

if you cant tell already, i miss you! and we have a futon and a spare bedroom with your name on it if you ever need it.

alexis said...

oh and ps. i think we may look like twins. my hair is kind of short and suprisingly very curly. im going to make it blonde, and then people will REALLY get us confused for each other.

Lindsay said...

I tried to express my immense excitement to you earlier on facebook chat, but alas, no response.

It's so funny that you mention Lost, because I was just thinking yesterday about how much I love spending looong days off just sitting in front of the tv with snacks watching commercial free shows, and I was thinking specifically about Lost. We should definitely plan on doing this together.

You know I am always in for Cora's with you.

I am really into being twins as well. Or how about triplets? We'll get Jenner in on that too. When Jenner visited and we had the same hair, it was a really great conversation starter. We'll go to weird bars with each other and wait for the wackos to come out of the woodwork to chat with us. Cheap entertainment!

I am getting very anxious to return home! Your messages made it worse!

black ribbons said...

You must have all kinds of mixed feelings about the days to come. Not wanting to pack too soon as it means the end is near, but not wanting to leave it to the last minute so that you don't forget anything. I can't believe that time has gone so quickly! I would love a postcard if you can be bothered sending it to Australia.

Send it to:
P.O. Box 509
Qld 4551

Lindsay said...

Yeah, I'll fire you off a postcard sometime this week!

robinacraftmoney said...


AngelaAlways said...

my housemate and i are planning to watch lost from beginning to end. i can't wait.

i got your postcard, but it's at my mum and dad's and i won't be there again till next week BUT I KNOW IT'S WAITING FOR ME AND I CAN'T WAIT!

i am excited for your return as well, because it PERFECTLY COINCIDES WITH MINE! IN 12 DAYS!!! xx