Saturday, August 9, 2008


So on Wednesday night, Pacific Surf School and Rentals had a staff party at our house. We rounded up two barbecues and salmon, lamb, steak, veggies, and salad were served. Alcohol was provided and was plentiful. We set up a makeshift campfire in the back driveway, and honestly, it was quite pleasant and special. The food was awesome and it was nice to chat with some of the people around town. More and more people started showing up. The owner's sister, all the employees at Storm (the surf and clothing shop next to PSS) and even the man who runs the shows at the legion. There was a big show (reportedly the biggest of the summer) at the legion later that night, so everyone was pre-drinking pretty hard. Todd and I tried desperately to get tickets earlier that night, but alas, it was sold out. However it help to have friends in high places. The owner of Storm was there as well, and he generously gave Todd and I tickets to the show. Things were really rip-roaring by the time everyone headed down to the Legion, and things were crazier inside. The show was filled to the brim. Sold out-plus the sneaky devils who scammed their way in. Needless to say, most of the town was in that one room and everyone was getting a little crazy.

Todd warned me. And I laughed at him. He told me, if there was any night that my bike would get stolen, it was that night. "Guaranteed". I made fun of him. But alas, the next morning when I woke up with same hangover as everyone else in the town, my bike was no longer at the side of the house where I left it.

I cried. I thought Todd had hidden just to prove a point. He didn't. I cried some more. I had a horrible day. We filed a report with the RCMP. We told everyone. Emilie, said in her thick french accent "Oh, I'll tell my boyfriend Grey. I'll tell Grey, he'll find it, trust me". Jay said he would run someone over with his pick up truck if he found out who took it.

In my heart of hearts, I just wished that someone had come back to the house after the show and borrowed it to get home, and they would bring it back. But it had been three days.

I just received a phone call from Estuardo, who works as a surf instructor at Pacific Surf School with Todd.
Estuardo informed me that as he was finishing up with his lessons at Long Beach today and packing up the van, he found my bike shoved under the trailer. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Most likely someone at the house HAD borrowed it, probably someone who worked at Long Beach Lodge (EVERYONE was there at the party), knowing it belonged to someone at the house, and knew that someone at the surf school would know who it belonged to.


See mom? Someone DID take it.


Mom said...

I am glad to hear you got it back!

Sarah said...

wow! this made me really happy!

TAIL said...

you know what?
it just made my day that you found that bloody bike actually. I was feeling sad that someone stole it on you.

black ribbons said...

Hooray! I'm glad that the universe looked after you and your bike. It's always so uplifting and reassuring when good karma comes back around. :)

Lindsay said...