Wednesday, July 9, 2008




Papercuts by

Camping tonight on the beach with Erica, hopefully will be followed by magical beach laying tomorrow. Minus a sunburn. Minus the boys. In addition, hot dogs and marshmellows.

Most everyone has mail coming to them. If you asked for it, it's in the mail. If you didn't ask me for it, ask, and you shall receive.


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they are fantastic, there are a heap of his examples in a magazine that we have here called frankie, I thought wow too. I'd love one of his pieces - actually I think they have one to give away, better enter that.

black ribbons said...

That's great that you get Frankie there. I'm not surprised that it could be hard to find, being an Aussie publication and all. I came across it a couple of years ago, one of their first issues and just loved it. It's just a refreshing magazine, I actually want to read EVERY article - and I usually do, starting at the start and going all the way through til the end.

Thanks for your nice comments on my photos. I usually take well over a 100 photos (sometimes close to 200) and eventually have to go through with a clear and firm mind to get it down to a more reasonable number. You should definitely check out some of the bands if you haven't already heard them. I have quite an eclectic taste, so the bands don't all fall under the same category. I really loved Blue King Brown and Cat Empire live, Ash Grunwald is also worth checking out. I can't remember which other ones I have on my blog. Oh, DEFINITELY check out The Waifs, and I have a few coming up that are really good. Some are a bit more soulful, a bit more laid-back, not hard-core or rock (like KOL).