Saturday, July 5, 2008


Yesterday, Jenner Berger arrived in Tofino on a bus. She arrived on that bus wearing a beautiful white and blue pinstriped dress with a big red belt. I arrived at the bus station with heightened anticipation. We shared a really great hug, while laughing and maybe I cried a little bit. Maybe-just a bit.

We had an interesting day together. I enjoy the fact that I can continue exploring and finding out things about this place, and yesterday, I was able to share my findings with someone who was just finding everything out as well. And I didn't have to feel ashamed for stating the obvious to some of the more seasoned pros around here.

One of the major break throughs of yesterday and last night was this: People in Tofino? They just want to chat. THAT'S IT.
Some examples:

We went to the cold beer store in town, where the employees seem to always be fried out of their coconut, and listen to their house and jungle music so loud you can barely hear yourself figuring out whether you want tequila or imported Propeller (SERIOUSLY). The gentleman in front of us in the lineup was just in Washington, where 24's are SIXTEEN dollars. He filled us in on exactly how many 24's he bought, in how many days, and how many friends those were split up between. It was a really confusing math equation. The friendly beer store employee told us quietly that tequila was cheaper at the other liquor store in town, so we stepped outside so I could begin to remember where exactly the other store was in town. The mathematician was outside so I asked him to refresh my memory. Truth was, I don't think he even really knew. Instead of answering our question, he asked us why we would want to go there, what kind of tequila we were looking for and what we were up to that night. I eventually remembered where the store was on my own, and we bid him a good evening.

Later that night after a few margueritas, we headed down to THE bar in town, "The Maquinna". I can't remember exactly who the first person to approach us was, but I believe it was the gentleman who wanted to tell us that as a baby, he had a bright red afro. Apparently, he once had very curly hair, even though NOW he has straight brown hair! WOW! We were shocked. He also told us a joke. What do sharks like to eat? FISH AND SHIPS! And with that, he went off into the crowd.

The we met Coral. Small and cute. I would describe her look as one of those cross-genre types. A gothic hippie. The floaty hempy, free spirit styles, except all in black, with combat boots. We danced with her for a while, as she seemed to have some sort of control over the DJ and what he was playing. We figured it could help to have friends in high places.

Then there was Ford from Saskatchewan. Shorter, stalky, big muscles. Blond hair. He came into the bar with a bunch of other guys who looked just like him. Turns out that Ford is up for the week, for some surfing and camping with friends. He has a fraternal twin sister back home. He thinks my name is Lisa and that Jenner and I are sisters.

Jenner spoke to a nice guy who thought that we were just as bored as him (NOT TRUE) and was here for a bachelor party

There's this kid around town who reminds me a lot of Greg, and he was out last night too. We didn't get his name, but Jenner made sure to let him know that we FULLY appreciated how badly he was GIVEN'R on the dancefloor. He was all over it. Eyes closed, huge smile, didn't even give a shit, wasn't checking out girls. That guy was GREAT.

And after this, easily 15 more quick connections were made with people who just wanted to chat or say something friendly. Even standing outside after the bar closes, I hear from the crowd: "Halifaaaaaax". I think at first that it was someone we met earlier that night, but no one looks immediately familiar. We walk over to the group of people hollering at us....and a girl, all the way over here, as far away as you can get from Halifax without a passport, this girl, says to me, "Did you used to work at Junk and Foibles?"

Can you believe it? HA!

It's starting to get hard keeping track of the names of people I meet her, even just in the boutique. I've always been bad at names. But if that's the worst thing going for me right now, I've got it pretty good.

It feels like life is just getting a little bit better as each day goes by.
And with that, I booked my ticket to come home. August 28th.


black ribbons said...

It sounds like a very successful and great night. One of those where you just can't help smiling all the way through, and every time afterwards that you think of it. I look forward to going to Canada at the end of the year if it's so friendly. I love having random, sometimes weird, conversations with people I don't know. It can be a right laugh.

alexis said...


this was such a cute post, and to finish off with that, oh my god!!

you have made my day. i cant wait to see you.

robinacraftmoney said...


b said...

you're so cute.

i wish i was here when you get back but we will have to be internet loves for a while mah dear, and pen pals.

ps. i think i am going to do the cleanse in the winter, i am too active all summer. i like to be swimming and doings lots of activity so i think its best to wait. but i want to hear alot about yours.

have a fabulous time with jenner!