Saturday, July 19, 2008

Before coming out here, I imagined this place a certain way.

In my head, I pictured bonfires every night, on the beach, bum planted firmly in sand, cheap wiener on the end of a sharpened stick. Tummy aches nightly from too many burnt marshmallows. Sand in my shoes, purse, underoos, hair....eyebrows? I pictured myself healthier, stronger, full of life. Ready to take on things. Oh my, thinking about it did seem very magical. Very otherworldly, something I had always wished of every summer, but was never fully satisfied.

Well now that I'm here in Tofino, I can safely say I am satisfied. A bit "over-satisfied", shall we say.

I'm sick of cheap wieners. Sick of bellyaches, sick of sand EVERYWHERE. Not just on me. Sand stuck in the pages of my books, in the bed sheets, SAND IN MY EYEBROWS. Sick of hiking rainforest trails to get to "secret" spots. Yeah, sure, the views are breathtaking and yes, otherworldly. But I'm sick of working so hard for my leisure time.

Why can't nature be easier? I think I like it better when it's a novelty that I rarely get time to experience.

I, of course, am mostly joking. I'm doing Tofino to it's fullest potential, and I wouldn't have it any other way.



Sarah said...

im glad to hear you are making the most of the present, because youd probobly hate yourself if you went back to ns and didnt get to do as much as you wanted too. tell greg cagibi isnt the same without him!

robinacraftmoney said...

i can't wait for you to come home and sleepover in my clean sheets.

Mom said...

No sand on your weiners? You haven't lived it to the fullest then...