Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Special Little Note From Chloe

I visited my girl Chloe in her beautiful big home in Riverport, about an hour and half outside of the city a few weekends ago. It was the perfect cure to a hangover and we lazed and lazed all Sunday. We played with her sweetest Newfoundland puppy named Penguin who was a ball of joy.


This sunsoak-iness will help you feel better after anything you`ve previously put your bod through.

But things can`t always be sunshine and roses though, and I definitely left my debit card in the country. Sure, you say, `No big deal, just go to the bank and get a new one.` That is easier said than done when you have the shame of already having to get a new debit card TWICE in the past week hanging over your head. So I stuck it out and waited for it in the mail, which was a delight when it finally came because it was in a sweet little envelope with a sweet little note.


Trying to get my life in order before I get back on the making-mail-train, so you can expect a lot of these Received Mail posts in the near future. Hope y`all don`t mind!


Mary Has Sound said...

I don't mind at all!

Chloe Loves Lindsay said...

We miss you Linds - come visit Peng and I.