Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear You, Part Two:

Dear Jackie, whose laugh still fills my ears when I think of Winter of last year:

Dear Alexis, goshdarn it's been too long:

Dear Sarah, maker of things, worker with hands...(?):

Dear Robyn, you hot young thang, embracer of vivaciousness. See you next weekend:


mad said...

I received my mail art today and really love it. Thank you!! I'm not sure what it is about your style that I like so much, but I really do. Where do those cellular balls come from? I really like them.

mad said...

p.s. I will send you something shortly. Have fallen behind a bit. Love the wolf stamp. Any U.S. stamp requests? mm

Lindsay said...

Hey Mad! No rush on the response, I totally understand how life can carry you away formt ime to time. That's also probably why it's taken em so long to respond to this comment. Ha!

I think the cellular balls you're referring to come from a light signalling manual for boats. It's one of my favourites for collaging too.

Thanks for the comment! I look forward to your response!