Sunday, October 24, 2010

Latest Obsession:

Project Runway.

I'm not always a huge tv fanatic, but when I find something I like, I REALLY like it.

For example, Season 8 of Project Runway.
My obvious favourite, right from the beinning was Mondo. I love his weird outfits and how he cried because he didn't have any friends. I loved his weird colour combos and brain splitting pattern combinations.

I always make sure to do my homework on the internet and found that all of the runway collections and the Lincoln Center for Fashion Week have been leaked, and the top ten contestants showed collections, so no one knew who was in the top three of the television show (since fashion week was before the airing of the tv show...make sense?).

Here are some peaks at my fav collections, from April and Mondo!

Mondo Guerra, what can I say, I would pretty much love to own all of this shit.
Super fun, young, totally wearable for most girls. Kinda street.

monod,project runway

And, la piece du resistance, My FAVE EVER!
Polka dot maxi dress with accentuated shoulders! Swooon


And then April shocked everyone with the most beautiful and soft (but still hard) colour palette of creams and greys, and I think she did it perfectly, disagreeing with every other review on the internet, but as Joy on the View would say: So what, who cares? I even really like those weird bandage headwraps, I think they're quirky.

april,project runway

Do you guys have any faves?

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