Friday, February 15, 2013


At the end of 2012, I sent out many packages to many of my favourite corresponders.

I really felt like a lacked in the mail art department for most of 2012 and this was my way of making it up to people who sent to me, regardless of weather I responded promptly or at all. For that, I thank you. One and all.

I've been a little late on the documentation, but here it is!

For Diane Keys

 photo IMG_1224_zpsc29f10c7.jpg  photo IMG_1225_zpsfe175a3d.jpg

For Angie

 photo IMG_1226_zpsf022f908.jpg  photo IMG_1227_zps788ffe5c.jpg

For Jen

 photo IMG_1228_zps7f24c53b.jpg  photo IMG_1229_zps7cf00cbb.jpg

For Mary

 photo IMG_1230_zps2e8fbd0f.jpg  photo IMG_1231_zpsafe2ca12.jpg

For Cara

 photo IMG_1232_zps2b76fb2a.jpg  photo IMG_1233_zps6239faf6.jpg

For Claire

 photo IMG_1234_zps620c02f6.jpg  photo IMG_1235_zpse7b6a334.jpg

For Karen

 photo IMG_1236_zps2dcd3489.jpg  photo IMG_1237_zpsc868418c.jpg


 photo IMG_1238_zpsb345bdf2.jpg  photo IMG_1239_zpsee7d5bb1.jpg

For Stephanie

 photo IMG_1240_zps2da4c6e9.jpg  photo IMG_1241_zps89efd880.jpg

For De Villo Sloan

 photo IMG_1242_zpsa5c3cbdc.jpg  photo IMG_1243_zps5d6284d6.jpg

For Amy

 photo IMG_1244_zps740ab0cf.jpg  photo IMG_1245_zps85a7904b.jpg

For Dustin

 photo IMG_1246_zps1cd3e71d.jpg  photo IMG_1247_zpsab3f2a02.jpg

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