Friday, January 13, 2012

Lost Disposables

When I go places, I take (or purchase) a disposible camera.

Now, this might seem pretty ordinary, but if you mix a disposible camera with a forgetful, messy and absent minded person like myself, you can usually count on never seeing those photos. At least not for another year.

For example: this roll from Calgary and early Spring of last year.

Or maybe the year before....

This balcony was the place to be for that whole summer. Girls singing to girls, girls smoking smokes, and laughing at other girls' jokes. I miss you, summer balcony.

I remember this day being unseasonably but welcomingly warm.

I don`t usually like being in photos, and this captures my `Whaddya want me to do, huh` face

Chloe`s my God.

My bite`s worse than my bark.

Hotel living in Calgary

This is my best friend Ben in Calgary, where we are mowing down on a special indoor BBQ. I miss him. Check out that sweet plate he made.


Peanut said...

Love love love disposable cameras!
These photos are cool!

Lindsay said...

Thanks so much peanut!
Love the surprise of finding out what's on the mystery cameras!