Tuesday, April 23, 2013


All girls, all crafts, all the time.

I'd like to thank Anna for hosting a motley crew on Easter weekend for crafts n' snacks n' other things!

 photo 58552_10151592504691323_54349074_n_zps0fb5113c.jpg

I made some little mini collages on simple mailing labels. I'm a sucker for a re-imagined office supply. I'd love to send a couple of these around in the mail to get stuck up in public places. Is anyone interested? Will you snap a quick pic for me?? YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

 photo Image25-2_zpsf95076b8.jpg

 photo Image26-2_zps2e8d6874.jpg

 photo Image27-2_zpse0677f67.jpg


uncustomary said...

Oh my god, those are awesome! I'm excited because I'm going to an Artbomb Party in the beginning of May. Can't wait to get creative with a bunch of other people!

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katielicht said...

these are really fun! i'd love to do a trade. and I'll try to find some boring suburban spot to liven up with one of them. :) email me! katielicht at gmail.com