Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Received in the Post

All of these RECEIVED MAIL posts should soon be warranting a SENT MAIL post.

Soon, I assure you, soon. But I've been busy working on my small business Varity Concert and I need to make some money before I can buy some stamps!! In the meantime, here's some visual delights I've gotten in the past couple of weeks:

 photo IMG_1271_zpsee82eb1d.jpg

A great short story in a beautiful envelope from Michael. I love a good read.

 photo IMG_1263_zpsb4c41dd7.jpg

Cool stuff in a cool ziploc in a cool envelope from Karen Champlin

 photo IMG_1265_zpsced70587.jpg

Fun times goodies from Shirley on She says that business is real slow over there, wouldn't it be nice to throw a dog a bone and send her something in the mail?

 photo IMG_1277_zps934dc4d7.jpg

And a fine-ass, packed-to-the-brim, oddly shaped envelope from Valentine Mark Herman in beautiful France. Filled with exactly what it says: Mail art miscellant. Delights like business cards, stamps and plastic bits. The possibilities are endless.

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