Friday, December 12, 2008

Being outside today....

Is like riding a roller coaster without having to wait in line.
It's very weird. not to mention the fact that it was forecasted to be 15 degrees in the middle of December. Completely bizarre. But I'm not complaining. I can appreciate an odd occurance which allows me to focus on it. I'd rather thank about that than my grating work/holiday happenings schedules.

Things like this amazing piece of mail I received today through also don't hurt!



I'm working on this swap for swap-bot right now:

And I'm really loving how it's turning out. It's a fairly big project (70 pages), but since it's so many and for a person I don't know, I'm not considering it too precious, therefore I'm trying to go quickly and not taking things too seriously. Getting some pretty pleasing layouts. I plan on documenting them and maybe making my own perfect bound booklet with them! Very happy with that lil guy.

Things are well. I'm looking forward to Monday and Christmas day, both of which I will have off work. Despite having minute collapses in mental state, I'm pretty sure I am maintaining a positive attitude. A wise man (cook at my work) once said, "Sometimes you have to fall apart before you can properly put the pieces back together"

"HERE, HERE," I say!

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alexis said...

i completely agree with the wise cook. you have to hit rock bottom sometimes before you can move up.