Sunday, November 2, 2008

Most people don't pay attention to this part of the magazine...

The most engaging, delightful horoscopes I've ever read. Taken from Issue 3 of Another Magazine, with Pam Anderson on the cover looking completely refined and naturally gorgeous.


Read all of them straight through and it's a short, beautiful tale of love lost. *Sigh*


(click on it to view it in its own window. I hope it's big enough to read!)


black ribbons said...

It was too little for me to read. I think the start of it said "when you are drunk", I wish I could have read the rest! haha. Thanks for the link to the love blog too, some of the comments are amazing.

Lindsay said...

Oh man, what's your sign? I'll type it out for you

black ribbons said...

I'm a gemini. That'd be awesome, thank you!